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Oct 7, 2012 1:25am EDT
and solid city this summer. the front desk is actually also the star box and breakfast counter. the same person the texture and gives you your coffee and danish. everybody is looking to do more things with your people. instead of 25,000 person factor, we need 50 people creating jobs for 20, with the 20 trading jobs for 40. i think it will require a different approach to the economy, different incentives, a different approach to education. we have to completely martz them. and an ideal world, that is what the election would be about. sooner or later we will have to go to it. parks let's go to the last group of questions. it talks about the actors and the rise of china. you might also characterized the emergence of new competitors and rivals, both in terms of economics and power. china is getting the most out of its authoritarianism. by contrast, americans are only getting 50% of the benefits from our system. john rock, it may be possible for china to overtake the united states, but it is much less likely china will overtake the western order. i would like to go to you on that and the
Oct 20, 2012 8:35pm EDT
various communities and in the city of beirut where these terrorists are operating. i have just signed legislation to add to our ability to deal, along with our allies, with this terrorist problem. and it's going to take all the nations together, just as when we banded together we pretty much resolved the whole problem of skyjackings sometime ago. well, the red light went on. i could have gone on forever. >> mr. mondale, your rebuttal? >> groucho marx said, "who do you believe? -- me, or your own eyes? " and what we have in lebanon is something that the american people have seen. the joint chiefs urged the president not to put our troops in that barracks because they were indefensible. they went to him 5 days before they were killed and said, "please, take them out of there." the secretary of state admitted that this morning. he did not do so. the report following the explosion of the barracks disclosed that we had not taken any of the steps that we should have taken. that was the second time. then the embassy was blown up a few weeks ago, and once again none of the steps that should h
Oct 21, 2012 2:50am EDT
real estate in the city of los angeles are in the hands of foreign investors. i am concerned about what that does to our future. i'm concerned about the fact that so many of our securities are in the hands of foreign banks because of these massive deficits. but those are the issues on which we ought to be debating, and if we can just put away the flag factories and the balloons and those kinds of thing and get on to a real discussion of these issues, i think we will have a good success. >> andrea mitchell has a question for you, governor dukakis. >> we are talking about issues, so let's return to something you said earlier about the modernization of land-based missiles. you said that you didn't rule it out that there are limits to what we can spend, and then you went on to talk about a much more expensive part of our defense strategy, namely, conventional forces. do you somehow see conventional forces as a substitute for our strategic forces, and in not talking about the land-based missiles and not committing to modernizing, do you somehow believe that we can have a survivable nuclear f
Oct 20, 2012 11:45pm EDT
voters and held in kansas city missouri. >> good evening from the kentucky center for the arts in louisville, kentucky. i'm dorothy ridings, president of the league of women voters, the sponsor of tonight's first presidential debate between republican ronald reagan and democrat walter mondale. our panelists are a syndicated columnist for universal press syndicate, the chief diplomatic correspondent for nbc news, the executive editor in the new republic magazine, and the diplomatic correspondent for the baltimore sun. now a syndicated columnist is our moderator. >> a brief word about our procedure tonight, the first question will go to mr. mondale and then the panel member who put the question will ask a follow-up. that will be limited to one minute. after that the same question will be put to president reagan and there will be a follow up and each man will have one minute for battle. the second question will go to president reagan and and the alternating will continue. then there will be four minutes summations. we have asked the question is to be brief. let's begin. your question
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)